We may possibly be the first company in the world to use luxurious royal suiting fabric to craft watch straps, and our ambition is to become the most luxurious and fashionable fabric watch strap brand in the world.


During a banquet, founder Simon came across a distinguished British royal gentleman who was impeccably dressed in a suit, with every detail perfectly coordinated from his tie to his shoes. Surprisingly, he wasn't wearing a wristwatch because he believed that neither leather, metal, nor canvas watchbands could complement his attire for the day. He humorously remarked that it would be amazing if his watch could also wear a tailored suit to match the occasion. Taking note of this, Simon introduced an innovative concept—the idea that "watchbands can be a suit." At STRAPSUITS, we don't produce ordinary watchbands. Instead, we use the finest quality clothing fabrics to craft fashionable, comfortable, and durable fabric watchbands. Our mission is to become the leading global brand for fabric watchbands.


We are a new brand in 2023. We don’t make ordinary watch straps, we exclusively create luxurious, fashionable and truly cool fabric watch straps.


Harvested from the Andes Mountains, the zenith of opulent Merino wool.


STRAPSUITS's Merino wool watch straps offer superior durability and breathability compared to leather and canvas straps. They are highly resilient and comfortable, thanks to their microstructure. The intricate interweaving of fine, tough fibers provides high tensile strength, while numerous tiny cavities effectively absorb and release moisture. The surface coated with natural lipids enables resistance against stains and water, enhancing durability and ease of cleaning.


Merino wool is derived from Merino sheep, which are recognized for their rapid wool growth, allowing for periodic harvesting. As a result, this wool is classified as a renewable resource since it can be replenished without causing harm to the sheep. Moreover, being a natural fiber, its production process consumes minimal resources and it is biodegradable.