Customers are the reason why Strapsuits exists. Without customers, we would have nothing. That’s why we feel obliged to give back to the society and care for our shared home–the earth. We follow the principle of “sustainability”, doing our part for environmental protection and making the earth healthier.



American forests is the Forestry Association of the United States, which advocates a prudent and scientific strategy to manage and protect forests for future generations, help mitigate and adapt to climate change, and promote social equity. From cities to large natural landscapes, American forests have created healthy and resilient forests, which have brought essential benefits to climate, human beings, water and wildlife. By 2021, American forest has funded more than 1000 forest restoration projects in every state, planted 65 million trees, and helped dozens of major cities expand tree crowns.


Each of your orders will help protect and restore our forests, which provide significant benefits to human beings, wild animal and all life on earth.

15%of American’s carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels is captured and stored by forests and forest products.

50%of land-dwelling species rely on forests to survive.

>50%of America’s drinking water originates from forests.

2ac.of American’s carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels is captured and stored by forests and forest products.


On this season of giving. We collaborate with American forests. From June 3rd to June 6th, every time we receive an order, we will donate one dollar in a wildland restoration project in one of our priority threatened ecosystems, including the Northern Great Lakes, Northern Rockies and Cascades, and Lower Rio Grande Valley. Therefore, each of your orders will be given more meaning, not only adding beauty to the world, but also providing homes and food for wild animals and clean air and water for descendants. We firmly believe that every insignificant force will eventually condense into a powerful force enough to change the world.


The electronic certificate is provided by American forest to confirm our donation, which make donation easier, transparent and reassuring. We are firmly committed to making your love traceable. You can also check through the website of American forest: