1.Q: What material are your watch bands made of?

Luxurious Holland & Sherry royal suiting fabric made of premium Merino wool and top-tier full-grain Italian calfskin leather.

2.Q: What happens when a watch strap made of merino wool gets wet?

You don’t have to worry at all. Merino wool and mohair won’t be damaged when they come into contact with water. Both are very sturdy fabrics.

3.Q: Do watch straps made of merino wool absorb sweat and become smelly?

Watch straps made of merino wool can absorb sweat and won’t become smelly. They are unique and versatile materials with temperature-resistant properties that can keep you warm in winter and help you wick sweat and stay dry in summer, making them very comfortable. And it’s easy to wash them in water and they dry quickly.

4.Q: Do Merino wool watch straps get dirty easily?

Merino wool watch straps are not easily soiled because they are natural fibers with excellent breathability and moisture absorption properties that can help you stay dry and comfortable. However, if your watch strap gets dirty, you can easily clean them in water and they will dry quickly.