KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands
KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands
KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands
KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands
KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands

KhaKi Suede Italian Calf Leather Watch bands

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LUXURY Suede Italian Calf Leather WATCH BANDS

Elevate your timepiece with our luxurious Italian suede calfskin watch strap: Crafted from exquisite calfskin sourced from the Alps, a designated supplier to multiple national royal families, and a leading provider of top-tier royal-grade materials, this strap is renowned for its top-notch quality, ensuring your watch exudes a sense of luxury and unparalleled comfort.

Italian Full-Grain Leather Backing: Our watch strap features carefully selected full-grain leather from Italy. The lining is made of Italian calfskin from Milan, offering exceptional sweat and water resistance. It undergoes precise stages of pre-treatment, tanning, dyeing, finishing, and coating, sourced from the most delicate part of the cowhide.

Instantly Elevate Your Style: Drawing inspiration from the suede leather used in top-tier Italian designs, our watch strap boasts a classic Italian pointed end and 2mm tapering, ensuring a perfect fit. It perfectly complements formal suits or dress shirts, exuding sophistication in business settings, and showcasing elegance during leisure time.

Comfort & Durability: Our 3mm thick strap quickly molds to your wrist, providing high elasticity and comfort. Fine, resilient fibers interweave, offering superior tensile strength and effective moisture absorption. The surface's natural lipids resist stains and water, enhancing durability and easy cleaning.

Perfect Fit & Quick Release: Our strap ensures a perfect fit and features a quick-release spring design for hassle-free strap replacement without tools.

Swap with Ease: Free set of integrated quick release spring bars included
Color: Suede KhaKi
Material: Italian Calf Leather
Back: Top-grade full-grain cowhide leather from the back of the cow from Italy
Buckle: 316L AAA Polished Stainless Steel
Thickness: 3mm thick along the entire length
Length: Approximately 120mm/80mm in length. Fits wrists up to 8.5 inches
Width: 20mm, 22mm,24mm,26mm


This premium watch strap is crafted from luxurious Alpine calf leather, showcasing sophistication and top-notch quality. Sourced from the pristine landscapes of the Alps and incorporating traditional suede craftsmanship, this leather blends softness with durability. You'll experience the pinnacle of craftsmanship and luxury, designed especially for those with a taste for the most exquisite materials.


Influenced by European royal home design, the combination of traditional suede craftsmanship with calf leather presents an unparalleled classical texture. Paired with the hand-stitched coarse thread design, the fusion of wildness and classical elements is truly awe-inspiring.It undergoes four precise stages of pre-treatment, tanning, dyeing, finishing, and coating.


Our straps are equipped with an effortless "quick release" spring bar system, enabling you to swap straps within seconds, hassle-free and tool-free.